Top 10 Best Bouncing Shoes in 2021 Reviews [Buying Guide]

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The need for jumping shoes is inevitable, especially when having running or jogging workouts. Or are you ready to hurt the foot, not to speak of the painful muscle strains? I bet not.

Bounce shoes are shoes that are expertly crafted to allow comfortable and yet productive workouts. They work by absorbing the ground impacts and allowing the user to balance quickly.

Unfortunately, not every bouncing shoe is worth to purchase. Wondering what the solution is? Below is a review of the top-rated bouncy workout shoes alongside a detailed buyers guide. But first is the review of the best bouncing shoes.

Kangoo jumps XR3

Our first item to review is from the Kangoo brand, which prides in high quality and maximally comfortable bouncing shoes. As a result, comfort is optimized in these Kangoo jumping shoes.

They have the thickest padding which reaches up to the joint points. Thus it reduces impacts not only to the foot muscles but also the joint part. 

Further, it is the most elegant Swiss design. Do you know what that crafting style offers?  It makes it not only easy to wear Kangoo jumping exercise shoes but also increases its stability. Un-debatably, you can agree when I call them safety-assuring shoes with that high level of stability.

Even more unforeseen is the fact that these shoes can be used for not only jumping but also many more sports. They include plyometric training, rehabilitation, martial arts, boxing, just to name a few.

These shoes are the most top-rated in the Kangoo shoes review due to their durability promising features. From the buckles to the hard shell are of wear-resistant materials

Product Features

  • Weight capacity of 200lbs
  • Enormous padding up to the joints
  • Easy wearing Swiss design
  • Stability promising design


  • Quite lengthy age limit of 6 to 92 years old
  • Supports the foot muscles as well as the joints
  • Their comfort is matchless
  • Can be used for quite many sports
  • Needs short preparation time


  • Squeaking shoes, hence not fit for beginners

Joyfay blue unisex fitness jump shoes

Do you get scared when the stability features of the bouncy exercise shoes are reduced? Thinking of the possible injuries, I bet.

 To brighten up your face is the Joyfay unisex shoes, which we considered in this list due to the greatly enhanced stability feature alongside other elegant constructions.  

They have an extensive and firm base, which gives the reason for its safety promising nature. But even more, the buckles are constructed to stay intact, not unless you are removing the shoes.

But before I go any deep on its construction’s you might be wondering if they will fit you. Are you aged above eight years and weighs below 109 lbs? If so, then these shoes are dedicated to nothing less but give you a leisurely working out time.

Lastly, they imitate the sneaker’s style for stress-free training. Still, these shoes come in different colors and various sizes. Hence, you will get not only well-fitting jump shoes but also your favorite color

Product Feature

  • Weight capacity of 109lbs.
  • Comes in different colors and sizes
  • Easy snapping buckles
  • Sneaky like design


  • Helps in maintaining balance
  • The spring design increases its comfort
  • Very durable and thick cushioning
  • Elegantly constructed shoes
  • Offers the joints support


  • The plastic construction breaks at a temperature lower the 50 degrees Fahrenheit

Geospace air kicks anti-gravity shoes

Do you need the best exercise bounce boots for a child or teen?  The geospace boots construction is nothing less than what every child will pride in.  Below are the reasons.

To begin with, these shoes have an anti-gravity design. Consequently, you can rest assured of unbeatable stability for safety. Also, it is the spring style of crafting, which escalates the bouncy nature.

Besides, kids bouncing shoes need to be lightweight. Correspondingly, the geospace shoes are feather-weight for responsive user control while jumping. Addedly, it makes it relatively easy for the kid to carry along.

Nonetheless, the kids get head over heels with a fancy item. That gives the reason why the design of these children bounce workout shoes has an open-design with quite beautiful decorations.

Finally, alongside those impressive constructions, is a joint-level cushioning to offer joints support

Product Features

  • Weight capacity of up to 99LBS
  • Lightweight construction
  • Open-shoe design
  • Spring technology


  • The constructing technology improves the bouncy feel
  • Feather-weight makes it easy for the kid to jump
  • A fancy design which is likely to impress the kid
  • A construction that gives heaven like comfort


  • Not for kids below 55lbs

Skyrunner adult kangaroo men shoes

Additionally, these bouncy exercise shoes are perfect for anyone who needs to undergo a time demanding training. Its construction helps to stimulate the endorphins within only 3 minutes alongside burning the fatty deposit within a few days. Below is a detailed kangaroo’s shoes review to confirm it is worth the money

These amazingly constructed workout boots have an open shoe design. Consequently, you will run in a more relaxed nature. Still, with such a design, it promises an easy time while getting prepared.

Nevertheless, comfort is promised. How? The kangaroo shoe workout has a very thick bottom, which absorbs the impacts of jumping or running. To improve that, on its toes region, it has a slightly raised style. Thus, you can run assured of the toe’s safety from getting hurt.

On the mid-foot region are two sturdy straps. These straps are not only sturdy but constructed to hold the feet on position. Further, the straps are slightly adjustable to give the foot a tight hold.

Durability is also promised with these bouncing shoes. The straps of a high-strength material while on the bottom part is a quite long-lasting material.

Unexpectedly, it is the fact that you can enjoy your exercises with these shoes, even with a limiting budget. Actually, they are rated as cheap kangaroo jumping shoes that do not compromise quality

 Product Features

  • SGS and CE certification
  • Weight capacity of 50-70 kgs
  •  Hard-gripping bottom
  • Two heavy-strength straps


  • Offers mid-foot support
  • The forefoot is kept safe by the raised design
  • Very durable shoes
  • Super lightweight
  • Allows you to jump or run in a relaxed manner


  • The design makes the legs stay apart

G-max jumping shoes

The g-max shoes overcome the effects of gravity to let you run, jog, or even walk in a very relaxed manner. They have the t-ball technology on the bottom part, which absorbs over 80% of the shock impacts.

But that was not all; still, you can use these shoes at night? Unforeseen, right? They have a fantastic reflector system. Consequently, they illuminate the path while jogging or running in the dark.

Further, these shoes use the strap closing method, which is known to be less time-consuming. Besides, these straps are of high strength and have a smooth texture.

Addedly, you can use them for not only indoor exercising but also outdoor. They are crafted to withstand intense frictions, which could serve better the frequent working out individuals.

Also, if the open design is your thing, these shoes will impress you. Still to improve on that comfort is a raised design that offers support to the joints.

Product Features

  • Ball shock absorbing technology
  • Reflector system for night use
  • Strap closing shoes
  • Outdoor and indoor use


  • They absorb over 80% of the ground shock
  • Used for not only outdoor jogging but also when running a machine
  • Quite easy to use
  • Super light bouncing shoes
  • They can be used even at night


  • Their bouncing needs to be improved

Seakyland unisex jumping shoes

These bouncing shoes come in to simplify everything. That includes wearing process, cleaning, and, more importantly, the workout. What am I talking about?  Here are the details.

The bouncy workout shoe design consists of a spring-loaded baseplate. That part mainly absorbs the shocks and allows you to enjoy the bouncy feel. In fact, with these shoes, you will experience a spongy like landing.

Additionally, their hard shells are constructed for durability as well as keep the foot safe from injury. The shell is of the TPU material, which is highly preferred due to its matchless strength. Consequently, it is safe from scratches.

When it comes to comfort, you will get an experience like no other. That is due to the maximum cushioning that gets up to the ankles part for support.

 Even to make it more exceptional, these shoes have a removable inner lining; consequently washing them is more straightforward than you could ever expect.

Product Features

  • Weight capacity of 200lbs
  • A hardshell construction
  • Mesh liner
  • Secure ankle closure


  • Removable linings for ease in cleaning
  • Maximum padding gives more comfort
  • Relatively easy to wear.
  • A durable hardshell
  • Gives a spongy like landing


  • Not recommendable for slippery surfaces
  • Beginners might need guidance

Zcoins unisex kids running boots

Is your kid a sports person? Do you need a gift that will get the child way over the head? Then you should check on the zcoins bouncy boots. Luckily being unisex shoes, there isn’t a gender limitation.

Why these shoes for your child?

To begin with is fancy and the comfort design, which is likely to impress most children. They have v-shaped straps and an elegant forefoot part which makes them very beautiful

Checking on the comfort promising features is the sturdy shell and thick padding. Actually, its cushion has a mesh-like design for good aeration and still helps in absorbing the impacts. Its cover is sturdy not only for shock absorption but also for durability.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to give the kid a hard time preparing for the workouts. Otherwise, you might even reduce the morale for the next workout session. What’s the solution now?

In these shoes is an easy fastening buckle that is not only effective but also hands gently.

Lastly, these shoes are anti-skid for maximum stability. Still, they enable the kid to keep the balance despite the high-level of jumping.

Product Features

  • TPR material crafting
  • Easy fastening buckle
  • Anti-skid shoes
  • A hard forefoot shell
  • Raised ankle support design


  • Comes in different sizes hence no weight capacity limitation
  • Absorbs a large amount of shocks
  • The buckles are gentle to the kid’s hands
  • Super light construction
  • A spongy landing for the kid


  • Not recommendable for adults

Jump sole bouncing shoes

Jumpsole brand is worldly renown due to its durable comfort and ergonomically shaped bouncing shoes. One of their most exceptional items is these bouncing shoes, which have a raised platform to make the vertical leap comfortable like never before.

Apart from that, these shoes are not only for running, but as well as basketballers, footballers, hockey, and soccer players. Sure! It has matchless versatility to remove any kind of limitation.

But the good thing is that regardless of the exercise type, you are assured of comfort. That is due to the incredibly padded inner part that has a mesh-like design to allow aeration.

Besides, you will not experience troubles while removing wearing or even when cleaning the shoes. You ask why? It has straightforward fastening buckles to cater for smooth preparation. When it comes to cleaning, the outer surface is of a dirt-resistant surface hence the less cleaning time.

Product Features

  • Raised platform design
  • Easy fastening buckles
  • Maximum internal padding
  • Stain-resistant surface


  • Quite easy to wear and remove
  • Fast cleaning
  • Good at every exercise including basketball and football playing
  • Comfy bouncing shoes


  • No ankle region support

Seakyland unisex fitness bouncing shoes

Frankly, when working with a limiting budget, you are likely to get a compromised functionality. That gives a reason why we had to get a step farther and avail high-quality jump shoes at an affordable price.

These shoes from the seakyland brand are constructed to last for ages. That is due to the hard TPU shell, which is not only long-lasting but also acts as insulation from any impacts.

Besides, the promising longevity feature is the maximum padding. Truthfully, the cushioning makes it impossible to feel the shell while allowing you to land on a spongy like surface.

Nevertheless, you can exercise even on a warm day without the troubles of excess warmth. Why? Credits to the mesh lining of these bouncing shoes which allow good aeration.

Who should purchase this item? They are recommendable to anyone who needs a beyond money worth construction and weighs below 150lbs.

Product Features

  • Spring technology
  • Removable inner shoes
  • Ankle securing closure
  • TPU hard shell


  • Easy to clean due to the removable-ability
  • Their lining allows proper air circulation
  • Offers ankle support
  • Promises stability and easy to balance


  • Not recommendable for beginners

Big time toys moon jumping shoes

Lastly, the big moon jumping shoe construction powers them to give every kid heaven like fun. Also, for beginners, its construction will be gentle while learning.

If durability was to be described with a shoe construction, I think this boot shoe would win. Unlike most other jumping shoes, it has a rubber construction that is known to last ages.

Despite its high strength construction, these shoes are of a lighter weight. For easy use for the kid is the comfortable tightening straps.

But there is something more on the strap construction. Unexpectedly, they are adjustable to allow the kid to have a comfortable tightening.

They are anti-gravity shoes that shield all the effects of jumping impacts. That is due to the raised platform design and enormous padding for shock absorption.

Allow your kid to jump as high as possible with this lightweight and easy to use moon shoes. They are quite simple to wear and remove while the cleaning is the simplest ever

Product Features

  • Adjustable straps
  • Raised platform design
  • Weight capacity up to 160lbs
  • Lightweight design


  • Very simple to clean
  • Very durable velcro straps
  • The straps are adjustable
  • Super comfy shoes
  • The jumping impacts are negligible


  • Not for a kid aged below 5 years

Jumping shoes buying guide

Not every bouncing shoes in the market will promise safety, durability, and comfort. That fact may leave you wondering which the best jumping shoes are. No more struggle! Read this brief buyers’ guide to identifying the best bouncy exercise shoes quickly.

  1. Weight capacity

Jumping shoes are constructed to hold a specified amount of weight. Consequently, the first thing to consider is weight capacity.

How will you identify the right capacity?

Frankly, it depends on the age range of the use, but the rule of thumb is that your age should not be equal to the capacity of the shoe. Ideally, it should have a difference of at least 4lbs.

However, for the kids, teens, or young adults, the rule changes. Considering they are still growing and likely to increase weight rapidly, it is advisable to have a bigger bouncy exercise shoes capacity.

  • Construction

After confirming the weight capacity is right for you, the next thing is the shoe construction.

The materials should be of massive strength for longevity. Also if you are not a fan of cleaning the workout shoes, then you should look for a stain-resistant material

Also, the construction design should promise stability alongside comfort. For stability, the base should have sturdy crafting as well as an anti-slip surface. In contrast, comfort in bouncing shoes is promised by the nature of cushioning and the mesh lining.

  • Price

The final but quite critical factor is the pricing of the item. All you should ensure is that the construction is worth the money.

However, if you are working on a fixed budget, things may get strict. That is because; you still need a quality item. Luckily it is much possible. You can have on a list of the suggested items then compare their prices.

The bottom line

Working out usually exposes the feet to intense impacts. In fact, some of the work out exercise may be impossible without the proper shoes. What do I insinuate? If you need a comfortable and still productive workout, then purchasing workout bouncing shoes is inescapable.

Which are the best jumping shoes? We got that sorted. Here is a review of the top-rated bouncing shoes that will ensure the workout session is productive. Alongside is a brief but yet helpful buyers guide.

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