How to Do Cable Squats and It Benefits

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Did you know, the next generation time bomb are the humans themselves? Shocking, right? Let me elaborate. Take a pen and a paper. Make a tally of the people of your house. Now, measure their weight and calculate the BMI.

I am taking my family as an example. My dad has a BMI count of 27, my mom has 25.5, my wife is on the leaner side, so she has a sweet 19 and I have a perfect 22.5. Now, spot the difference. Almost 50% of my family is overweight. If you make a tally of your own family, then you will have the similar stats. This is the next generation time bomb.

People are getting fatter and fatter day by day. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the obesity rate has been tripled its numbers since the year 1975! This is a red alert for the race. Now, over 1.9 billion adults are overweight and from them almost 650 are obese. This is the stats of the year, 2016.

Obesity is becoming a curse in the human race. People are developing various types of long term diseases that are slowly killing them. Diabetes, Liver problems, heart attacks, strokes all are the byproducts of the obesity. The rate is indeed alarming and it is taking people to the death.

So what should we do to stop it? The answer is simple. We need to eat right, sleep right, work right and most importantly, exercise right.

Speaking of exercise, there are a lot of effective body exercises and postures that can make your body leaner and stronger. One of the most basics as well as vital exercise is the squats.

What is Squats?

what is squats
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You probably have heard of this particular exercise even if you have not visited the gym ever in your life. It is one of the core exercises of the body.

A squat is a lower body exercise which focuses the thighs and the glutes. One of the major impact of the exercise that it stabilizes the body balance and increases the overall strength of the body.

You have to basically take a proper and stable stand. Then you will have to slowly go down, bending your knees, keeping the posture straight. You can do this free handed. That means the pressure generated in your thighs will be generated by the basis of your upper body weight. Also, for additional growth, you can add on weight to your training. Simply hold on to a dumbbell or a barbell and do the rest of the motion accordingly.

There are some of the key points that you need to follow while conducting the said exercise. These are:

  • Keep you muscle nice and relaxed. A pre workout warming or some slight running will free up your muscles.
  • Stand spreading your feet. Do not spread it too wide so that you face difficulty while inclining. I prefer a natural gap of 12 inches to 16 inches prior to the type of the squat.
  • While going down keep the posture of your upper body straight and stiff. A clumsy upper body will do no good.
  • While inclining, focus your body weight on the thighs and glutes.
  • Do not release the pressure while the final inclining? The key is to maintain the pressure on the thigh muscle for maximum exploitation.
  • Lift your body upwards and do the whole process again.
  • Do it slow and steady, recent research says that maintaining a steady and slow pressure on the target muscles helps the muscles to develop faster.

These are the basic instruction of a squat. There are some significant ways other than free handed squats. The additions increases the functionality and the effectively of the core exercise. One very popular way of a squat is the cable squats. These are squats which needs, as you have guessed it by the name, Cables. Yes, cables can be pretty handy for your daily workout. But these are not the broadband cables’ my friend! You need a cable machine for that.

What Is Cable Squats?

what is cable squats?
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Cable squats are one of the widely spread squats method. This particular type of squats needs a cable machine, which is pretty common in a gym. But this is really an effective exercise of the body. It focuses on the quadriceps & hamstring of the thighs and the glutes.

The main difference is the added weight of the cable. You can set more weights to the rope and increase the pressure on the lower body.

Some of the greatest fitness freaks and Gym Gurus prefers this particular exercise from the dumbbell squats as the ropes can generate much more stable and constant pressure.

Cable Squats Benefits

There are some unique benefits of the Cable squat rather than the free handed or weighted squats. I will list then first:

  • Stable Posture
  • Rhythmic Motion
  • Avoiding Unwanted Injuries
  • Constant growth of the targeted muscles

So, first up comes the stable positioning and maintaining the perfect posture. I have to notify you this in the beginning that I am not saying that the cable squats are better than the free handed or the weight lifted ones. This is just another form of a lower body exercise. But the cable machine does comes with some added advantages. One of the advantages is the perfect positioning and the stable posture. When you are squatting while holding the cable bar, the cable machine works like a verdict point. Which allows you to fix the desired position and maintain the correct posture. In free handed squats, people often messes up the posture even without realizing it. But thanks to the cable bar, you can understand the errors of the posture.

You can maintain a certain rhythm. This is coming from a personal experience. The main core concept is to ensure a steady time to time inclining and declining. With the cable, you can maintain that.

The third benefit is perhaps the most logical of them all. While conducting a squat using the weights, there is always a chance, even for the veterans to hurt themselves while working out. The injuries might get severe if terrible mess up with the weights occurs. But the cable machine maintains the elevation of the weights. Though the mechanism eliminates the first time thrusts of the certain weights for the dynamics, but still the pressure can be of great help to the targeted muscles.

Speaking of the targeted muscles, a typical squat benefits almost all the lower body muscles. But the core developments loom around the thigh muscles and the glutes. Cable squats also focuses the abdominal sections which also allows the person to gain a significant amount of strength to the core. So, there are some massive benefits in cable squats.

Now, everyone is pumped up! We will rock the gym floor now! The mantra is simple; do the squats and have a healthy lower body!

But, Huston, we have a problem! The thing is we don’t know how to do a cable squat. Not to worry guys! I have everything covered!

How to do Cable Squats

how to do cable squats
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So, trainee! Are you ready to do your first cable squat? Sir, Yes, Sir! Are you feeling nervous? Sir, No, Sir! Al right then! Let us follow the steps one by one:

  • Step One: Stand in front of the cable machine. Point your feet straight.
  • Step Two: Keep your body upright. The shoulders should be straight, back and down. Keep your abs straight, no crunching forwards.
  • Step Three: Grab the cable bar. And pull it towards you while you are standing. Remember, you are doing great. Just don’t lean forward. Keep the body nice and straight. As you can feel the weight on your hands. You can also lean a bit backwards while keeping your body straight. A small tip is to slide your feet an inch further to maintain a proper counterbalance for the added weights.
  • Step Four: Now slowly but steadily incline downwards, maintaining the posture. Focus the weight on your thighs and lower abs. You knees should bend in a parallel motion. The key is to bend the knees forwards. Keep the body straight at all times. One tip for keeping the body straight is to maintain a parallel eye sight with the grounds.
  • Step Five: Don’t incline so much which makes you rest on your ankles. The agenda is to maintain a steady pressure to exploit your muscles.
  • Step Six: Now rise back to the former standing position again with maintaining the same pace. Repeat the squats in sets.

So this is how you can make a perfect cable squat. But some of my friends has complained that they don’t have a proper access to a cable machine. Then how should they do it at home? I have that covered as well.

Cable squats at home

cable squats at home
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There are some ways you can actually perform cable squats at home. Here are couple of my ideas that I often do at home.

  • Idea No. 1: There are stretch bands available in the market for stretching. You can simply buy one and tie one end with something fixed and strong. Then stretch the other end so that it applies pressure on the body. Then conduct the exercise. You have to bear this in mind that the verdict point should be close to the ground.
  • Idea No. 2: If the stretch bands are not applying enough pressure, then make yourself a standard pulley. Tie your weights or dumbbells on one end and make a reverse pulley which closely resembles the cable machine. This is going to require some engineering skills and basics. But if you manage to pull this off, then you will have a great DYI cable machine for yourself.

Cable Squats with Ropes

cable squats with ropes
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Cables are essential for the desired form of squats. But you can also do that with ropes as well. Just make yourself a series of pulley so that you can distribute the weights. Tie the ropes with the weights from one end and the other to the bars. Then perform the exercise.

Cable Squats for Glutes

Cable Squats for Glutes
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Though squats are not entirely beneficial for your glutes. But it does some advantages. It mainly focuses on the thigh muscles. But the cores strength is developed which makes the glutes get firmer. But I do recommend some additional glute oriented excesses that will give you a great physic overall.

Are Cable Squats Effective?

Yes, cable squats are very effective. Because it allows you to maintain a steady workout posture and placements. The USP of this exercise is that it minimalize the scenarios of injuries that are occurred during the weighted squats.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. How do you do squats without a cable machine?

Free handed Squats and weighted squats are the forms of squats that can be done without a cable machine.

2. How to do squats with cable machine?

I have mentioned the full step by step process in the article above. So, do follow it and enjoy!

3. What muscles are work in squats walk with cable?

In a particular squat walk using a cable, the thigh muscle, the glutes and the calf muscles are heavily focused. Significant developments are seen in the said muscles if a person maintain a regular routine.

Bottom Line

In the end, we can all agree to the fact that the cable squat is a great and viable option to increase the strength and develop the lower body. Specially, the thigh muscles does an awful lot of work in a human body. So, in order to ensure a healthy and stable thighs, squats are the main ‘go to’ exercise.

So, what are you guys waiting for! Hit the gym as soon as possible! Oh, Wait! It’s COVID-19! So, stay indoors and stay sanitized! You can also work out inside your doors. Just maintain a stable healthy diet, a fixed routine and you are good to go! And remember, wash your hands frequently. Good Bye!

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