How Many Protein Shakes Should You Drink A Day?

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Like carbohydrates and fiber, proteins are among those macronutrients that the body needs to remain on the top daily. However, most people fail to fulfill the daily protein requirements. Thus, as an alternative, protein shakes are quite common now. They are an addition to one’s diet when your access to protein-rich foods is restricted. I wonder at times how many protein shakes should you drink a day?

The National Institute of Health declares that an average person needs 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. However, there are other factors as well in determining how much protein you should take.

Dieticians suggest having 1-3 protein shakes in a day. Protein shakes are for boosting protein levels in your bodies; thus, you can have them throughout any time of the day. However, after conducting several research pieces, many experts came to a point to intake one protein shake before a workout or after training to witness maximum results. You can even schedule your protein shakes intake so that one in the breakfast, the other one during lunchtime, and lastly after intense postwork.

This guide breaks down into different categories that answer your protein intake to meet the body’s goals.

However, before we get into the main topic, let’s first overview the main functions of proteins.

Proteins are necessary nutrients that we need to have in our diet. They have various essential functions for our bodies. Some of the most vital functions of protein include:

  • To maintain the shape of cells.
  •  For healthy growth of hair, skin, bones, connective tissues.
  •  To help enzymes in food digestion.
  • To support antibodies to keep the immune system functioning correctly.
  •  To strengthen muscle growth.
  • To maintain body weight.
  • Various amino acids form proteins that make up many of your body’s hormones.
  • Proteins also transmit information among different cells, organs, and tissues.

Now here are some of the vital functions of protein shakes:

  • It helps in weight maintenance.
  • It helps in restoring muscles.
  • It helps in fat loss.

I know by now you’ll be wondering how much protein shakes do you need for yourself. So, now let’s dive into this guide and know your answers.

Is It Safe to Have More Than 1 Protein Shake a Day?

Well! It is entirely safe to drink more than one protein shake in your daily diet. It varies from individual to individual and depends on your dietary needs. Everyone is different from the other, and so are your eating habits. You should focus on what your body wants and plan your diet accordingly.

If you rely on a protein-rich diet and don’t undergo a heavy workout, you don’t need to include much protein shakes in your routine diet. However, suppose you’ve undergone much exercise. In that case, you should take a protein shake in the morning after a workout and later go for a bath. You can also have another glass of shake in the afternoon, along with some seasonal fresh fruits or vegetables. It’s essential because only then will your body be able to keep you healthy.

Moreover, suppose you do the workout in the evening. In that case, it is acceptable to go with another glass of protein shake to fuel up your body. Secondly, suppose you are a pro-vegetarian who finds it challenging to fulfill the daily recommended protein intake. In that case, an extra protein shake can do the magic for you.

Should You Drink Them Every Day?

With approximately 10,000 various types of proteins, they are the building blocks of life. This macronutrient is immensely responsible for fulfilling several body functions like growing our nails and skin and building our muscles.

When a protein has various essential functions for our body, I believe protein shakes should be in your everyday diet. Again there are several explanations for this, and each has its significance.

Firstly, according to the Harvard Health department, experts believe that a protein-heavy breakfast helps reduce hunger in the later parts of the day. It means that it prevents us from overeating and plays a crucial role in maintaining body weight.

However, suppose you’re a foodie person or having health problems like diabetes. In that case, adding protein shakes to your daily diet is the best option you can do to accomplish your fitness goals.

Again as mentioned above, drinking protein shakes regularly also depends on individual needs. These shakes are exceptionally blooming for particular people. For example, suppose you’re a bodybuilder who wants to participate in an upcoming competition. In that case, you probably need to intake more protein than an average person. To stay healthy and fit throughout the day, you should drink protein shakes every day.

This point is proven by research as well. According to the 2018 investigation, it was found that protein shakes significantly help sportspersons to continue their tasks and enable them to recover from exercise struggles.

Being a vegetarian sometimes poses significant problems for your physical health. Most of the time, you fail to fulfill your recommended protein intake miserably, but thanks to a protein shake that helps boost protein levels in your body.

Are you wondering how this happens? It’s because the plant-based products you rely on don’t have all the essential amino acids within it. Thus, you need to mix it with some other types of protein to get the required amount. It’s a bit tough to put yourself in such a hassle. Therefore, the best way is to drink protein shakes regularly and achieve what you want.

If you’re a skinny person who badly wants to put on some weight, then protein shakes can save the day. They are the best supplements for weight gain as well. I remember my friend tried these shakes, and within a month, she successfully gained 4 kg of her weight.

According to research published in the Journals of Gerontology, protein fitness shakes help people with obesity and add another reason why you should drink them daily.

How Many Protein Shakes Should You Drink a Day to Lose Weight?

It is proven by various researches that protein fitness shakes play a vital role in helping individuals lose weight. Like protein shakes are used to increase weight similarly, you can take them accordingly for weight loss.

 People who aim at losing their weight depending on protein shake should take approximately 0.54 to 0.68 grams of protein bodyweight every day. If you’re an obese woman with a weight under 160 pounds, you’re supposed to take 86.4 to 108.8 grams of protein daily.

Drinking protein shakes are also beneficial for losing belly fat. However, you should always pay attention to the kind of protein shake you’re intaking to achieve your goals. If you aren’t taking the right type of shake, then be ready for adverse effects.

I remembered one of my friends who switched on protein shakes for weight loss told me that she didn’t do proper research, and mistakenly consumed protein shakes. After two months, she became overweight, and when she consulted a dietician, she came across the reason.

You’ll find tons of different kinds of protein shakes available in the market. Most of the time, it becomes challenging to choose the best one that matches your goals. Some protein shakes have added sugar, preservatives, fillers, and artificial sweeteners in it. Try to avoid drinking such shakes because they won’t help you in proper weight loss.

Always choose a protein shake free from added sugars and maltodextrins, which are mainly made from starch. Also, don’t go with shakes with branched chains of amino acids (BCAAs) because they are for muscle growth and weight gain. Lastly, the most important thing is research. Do your homework properly before buying a protein shake. Once you know what you want, no one can fool you.

How Much Protein Needed After Workout for a Female?

Protein intake is as essential to a woman as to a man. There’s no difference in it. Females use protein either in eatery products or only in powdered form (read: protein shakes). There are several reasons behind it, mainly for promoting muscle growth, being recovered from workouts, and of course, for weight loss.

It is a common belief that women are more concerned about their body weight than men. They are more diet conscious, and whatever they eat, they associate it with their weight. This is the primary reason why most females rely on protein shakes for weight loss.

But do you ever wonder, being a female, that much protein you need after a workout? Or should you take protein before activity or after a workout?

Well! This is a very debating topic. Different people have different views about it. Some experts believe that you can eat proteins both before and after exercise but under a specific timeline. Like, you can intake proteins a few hours before exercising, so you can have enough energy to do all exercises actively.

However, most experts advise that females take protein after exercise within a specific time frame. For instance, you can intake a protein shake after 1-2 hours of your workout but not more than it. As far as quantity is concerned, you should consume protein from 0.4 to 0.5 grams of proteins per kilogram per your body weight within 2-3 hours of your training.

How Many Protein Shakes Should You Drink a Day to Build Muscle?

Athletes and gym conscious also consumed protein shakes who desired to increase their muscle mass and boost their performance level. Drinking protein shakes and doing regular workouts encourages muscle growth.

 Are you wondering how it happens? It’s simple; continuous heavy workout sessions promote the muscle protein synthesis process. It is as similar as when you intake protein-rich foods.

An investigation was conducted that includes 40 men. The study results concluded that men who consumed a high protein diet through protein shakes lose fat mass but build up their muscles compared to other groups.

The protein shake intake during weight loss prevents muscle loss and slows down the overall metabolism rate. A research claims that an individual’s metabolism rate decreases along with weight when provided with 36 percent of protein calories than the diet that provides less than half of that amount.

Studies have also proven that a protein-enriched diet includes protein shakes to restore your muscles and helps you to gain weight at a later time quickly.

Experts suggest having one protein shake daily for weight loss helps build up your muscles.

A study was conducted in which athletes were given two diets of different protein intake. One diet contains 35%, and the other one has 15% of the protein intake calories. Later their weight loss was measured. Fortunately, both diets helped athletes lose weight; however, those who consume more protein lose less muscle mass.

In another recent study and as mentioned previously, protein shakes help older people stay fit. All those protein diets for weight loss that were more than 0.5 g/lbs every day can help adults restore their muscles. Isn’t it great?

Simply, it means that more protein intake will boost your muscle building. Thus, you should include one protein shake daily for building up your muscles.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, proteins are a fundamental nutrient for our bodies. How many proteins shakes an individual need depends on daily diet, workout routine, goals, and sometimes your age, i.e., do you want to lose weight or gain it? If you’re a bodybuilder and taking protein shakes to gain weight or build up your muscles, you should take more protein shakes than an average person.

You can either take one glass of protein shake to two or three glasses depending on your goals and purpose for having a protein shake. Just make sure to drink the right protein shake or better get ready for facing the adverse effects.

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