Best Kangoo Jump Shoes Reviews, Pros, and Cons 2021 Guide

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If you are looking for a kind of shoe that will give you no stress on your joints and enable you to complete your daily workout, then this is the right place for you. This is the best place for you to go through all the Kangoo jump shoes reviews and decide which product to rely on. 

Kangoo jumps are often termed as “Gym in the bag.” Therefore Kangoo jumps are the best option for you as you will have minimal stress on your joints and burnt twice the amount of calories while these pairs.

Other factors, such as improving one’s posture and also improving cardiovascular activities, are the main attraction of Kangoo jump shoes.

Benefits of Kangoo Jump Shoes

Shoes defy attraction with every step that one takes; it can be running, jogging, or even walking. Shoes must be suitable for one’s weight, and Kangoo Jumps are the ideal shoes when comes to weight, durability. Kangoo jumps can be used to do exercises for a long day.

How to use Kangoo Jump Shoes?

You must wear comfortable socks, most preferably thick. It is recommended to wear mid-calf length socks to protect your skin from the boot’s friction. While adjusting and tightening the boots, you must remember to be in a seated position to ensure perfect balance control.

Best Kangoo jump shoes to buy

Among all other pairs of shoes from Kangoo and by reading Kangoo jumps reviews, you must be ensured that Kangoo Jumps XR3 model (black & yellow, Large) is highly recommended. You will not have to be worried about the protection system. It has got a high impact protection system. 

You will also be relieved because it will make your workout more fun and exciting. Besides, it also allows full movement of your body. Kangoo Jumps XR3 is very much flexible than any other pair.

Kangoo Jumps XR3 Model (Black & Yellow, Large)

This product is quite an expensive buy, but for anyone who wants to save a bit and tries to buy a good pair of shoes, this one is highly recommended. These jumping boots come in different sizes with different colors available. They are also priced reasonably. All age groups can wear it. 

Product Features

These jump boots are a high trend because of their impact protection system. This model is for the ones with weights less than 200 lbs. It allows complete freedom of movement.  This pair of shoes makes training fun and exciting as it provides a full-body workout.

Kangoo jumps XR3 model is a flexible Swiss-designed product and can be used by anyone because it has a high protection system that also with durable plastic shells.


  • High grand Kangoo jump shoes
  • Trademarked Kangoo jumps
  • Non – slip soles


  • The exact shoe size is a bit difficult to find
  • Recommended for experts

Joyfay Unisex Fitness Jump Shoes

This pair of shoes provide extra comfort, and it also helps to burn more calories than any sort of regular workout. One eventually has a low risk of injury because it provides significantly lesser stress on the joints. These jumpers are generally used on dry and flat surfaces.

Product Features

This product comes with a red and blue color option. One of the best things about this product is it is perfect for low impact training. These jump shoes offer a much slighter chance of injury as it provides less stress on the joints. Extra parts of this pair of shoes are also available from sellers.


  • More calories have been burn providing slighter stress on joints
  • Helps in improving cardiovascular activities and improving one’s posture
  • Bounce shoes, which have a much lower risk of injury


  • Heavy nylon thread used inlining
  • Not recommended for the ones having anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury

Kangoo Jumps XR3 White Edition

This pair of shoes has an engaging style and can be modified with pink accents, generally black. It provides a more alluring design to workout in grace. They are assembled in much high-quality design.

Kangoo Jumps XR3 White Edition rebound shoes are found out to be the world’s stunted impact athletic shoes. These shoes guarantee an effective and safe technique for well-rounded health and muscular development.

Kangoo Jumps XR3 White Edition acts as cross-training equipment for various sports applications. It can be used for jogging, running, boxing, dancing, aerobics, circuit training, polymeric training, internal training, etc. 

It allows complete freedom of movement. Therefore, as it assures full-body workout, it is often said as ‘Gym in the bag. ‘ These shoes are Swiss designed products.

Product Features

Kangoo Jumps XR3 white edition has a high-quality design. It has a patented impact protection system. These shoes are being termed as ‘Gym in the bag.’


  • High standard Kangoo jump shoes.
  • Trademarked from Kangoo jumps manufacturer.
  • Adult shoe sizes will fit their size.


  • Can be strenuous to find out the exact shoe size which is required
  • Not at all easy for someone who is not well trained

Miaomiaolong Adult Kangoo jump shoes

Well, let’s talk about another best jump shoe in the market i.e., Miaomiolong Adult Kangoo Jump Shoes. They are ideal for body weights of 20-70 kg. These are bouncer toning shoes. Besides that, these shoes are standard series for adults and teens of recommended weight. Miaomiaolong adult Kangoo jump shoes are shoes with springs on the bottom.

Product Features

The toning shoes consist of the multi-size liner, which makes it perfect for different sizes; the new IPS spring has offered a good performance, better comfort, a longer life cycle, and a safety feature consisting of a locking system.

It relieves the vibration and shock with the help of a flexible spring. It has a long lasting hard shell boot. The inner material is of mesh and PU synthetic leather. Its closure has a hook and loop.


  • A good alternative of Kangoo jump boots
  • Considered to have higher weight capacity compared to Kangoo jump boots
  • Highly recommended for joint protection, fitness, and fun at an affordable price


  • Not of that much “anti-gravity “as its name imply
  • They only fit a few adult shoe sizes

 Kangoo Jumps Power Shoes (Children’s Model)

Do you want to buy a shoe for your child who will not only help him to do a day-long exercise but also be safe to wear? Then this one is the best product you must have.  A child whose weight is under 110 pounds and who certainly does not lie in adult shoes, this pair is a perfect one for them.

These Kangoo jumps are efficient enough to make a child exercise for a whole day without even making him realize as they are a fun pair to exercise.

Product Features

They are the world’s truncated impacted athletic shoes. Kangoo jumps powerhouse shoes (children’s model) provide a shielded and effectual technique for muscular development and overall health. They are suitable for different sorts of sports.

 It can be used by anyone starting from the age of 6 at any time and anywhere. Kids love these shoes as it comes in different colors that are perfect for both boys and girls.


  • These shoes are manufactured from the Kangoo jumps trademark.
  • The weight of these shoes is suitable for kids, and they find it joyful to use.
  • Kangoo Jumps for kids enable them to play different kinds of sports wearing the same boot.


  • The price of the children’s shoe is near to adult shoe sizes.
  • Bottoms are slippery.

Kangoo Shoes Buying Guide

Whether you are an expert or a beginner in the field of jumping exercises, always remember the requirement of advanced gear is a must because it promotes your efforts. And experts always prefer to use trusted jumping shoes that will always help them in improving their game.

Since the innovation of jumping shoes, beginners and experts have seen continuous development in improving the quality of the jumping shoes and their performance. 

You will find a vast option in the market of jumping shoes available. But you need to specify your need.  Before you proceed to buy Kangoo shoes, here are some buying guides you will require.

  • Design: As you all know, nowadays, along with the performance, the design of the shoes matters a lot. A trendy shoe that offers high-class performance and efficiency is in high demand. 
  • Size: Before purchasing the Kangoo shoes, try to go through the Kangoo shoes reviews. It will help you know the exact size of the shoe that you may require. For an excellent performance, you need a jumping shoe that perfectly fits you.
  • Versatility: As a professional athlete for all sorts of jumping exercises, before purchasing a Kangoo jumping shoe, you must go through the fitness jump shoes reviews. It will help you select from a wide range of Kangoo jumps to improve your muscles, joints, back, and also your cardiovascular system.
  • Durability: You chose the right capacity and right size shoes after reading the jump shoes reviews. It will help you choose the required shoes depending on your weight and age for an all-round performance.

Which should you choose?

Among a wide range of jumping shoes, you are always the best person to choose to know all your needs. Be it the design or the size of the jumping shoes that fit you well, and the one you are comfortable in must be your first priority.  You must go through each one of the jump shoe reviews and then purchase one for yourself.


How high can you jump with Kangoo shoes?

Well, the height of your jump will mainly depend on the strength of the springs on your Kangoo shoes plus the energy you generate. Kangoo jump shoes are exactly not for high jumps. They are mainly for dancing, aerobics, jogging, and cross-training.

What size Kangoo Jumps should I get?

Before purchasing the Kangoo Jumps, you must know exactly your foot size. If you want to get the best comfort, it is advisable to go for their try and buy experience.
For women: – size 6, 8.5 and 10
For man: – size 8 and 10
For a child:-size 3

What are these bouncy shoes called?

These bouncy shoes are called Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes. They are also known as “gym in the bag.”

Who invented Kangoo Boots?

Carlos Peydro is the person who invented Kangoo boots. But in many of his interviews, he had mentioned that Denis Naville is the person whose main focus was to improve the design, comfort, and performance of the boots.

Are Kangoo Jumps safe?

Yes, Kangoo jumps are safe. This kind of rebound exercise is way more effective in assisting and stimulating the lymphatic pump system.

Can you run in Kangoo jumps?

You may see nowadays, runners have started to run with Kangoo Jumps. These are a kind boot but with a similar design of skates. The only difference is that instead of having wheels, it consists of a cushioning system.
Because of this excessive cushioning, you will face difficulty running, and you will tend to move differently because your muscles will tend to work differently.

Can you lose weight with Kangoo Jumps?

Yes, of course! You can lose a lot of weight with Kangoo Jumps. It is a fantastic full-body workout. Kangoo Jump is a very controlled and stable rebound system, thus allowing you to have a full-body workout. Thus with Kangoo jumps, you can bounce your way to lose weight.

The bottom line

Kangoo Jumps is a worldwide famous exercise for its safe mobile exercises. It helps in core strength, improves cardiovascular health, posture, helps in energizing the lymphatic system.

You can choose from a wide range of Kangoo boots, which will help in your body’s overall workout. And for this reason, it is known as “Gym in the bag.” You may always review jump shoes according to your preference.

Well, if you become confused, then as mentioned above, the Kangoo Jumps XR3 model (Black and yellow, Large) is the best choice. However, if you wish to choose something else, then Jayfay Unisex Fitness Shoes is also a decent choice. Happy Jumping!

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